by Lee Karney

This portfolio of photographs is the result of a number of study tours I made from 1955 to the present. You are invited to browse the "thumbnail" galleries and expand them to view larger screen-proofs.

Description of Categories:

A. Cathedrals: Shows Gothic Cathedrals and Chapels from England, France and Germany.

B. Spain: Contains four major examples of Moorish architecture in Andalucia:
The Alhambra including the Alcazaba and the Generalife, Granada:
The Great Mosque, Cordova:
The Alcazar and The Giralda, Seville:

C. Egypt: Illustrates examples from the great historic kingdoms of Ancient Egypt: Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, Hellenistic Period

D. Japan: Shows some typical temples, shrines and gardens in the south central and north central sections of the country.

E. Rome: Includes scenes of ancient Rome including examples of Quadriga statues from several Europian cities plus examples of Renaissance and Baroque Rome.

F. New Zealand: Includes scenes of the country as well as images of some of the native birds.

G. Birds. As a change of pace from architectural photography, since 1993 my hobby has been photographing birds. For ease of reference, I have divided the bird images into the following categories: Ducks and Ducklike, Nonpasserine, Passerine, Sea Birds, and Wading Birds. Most of the pictures were taken in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, some were taken in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Hawaii, Florida, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and New Zealand.

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